Body Type Test

Lean , bony prominenceMedium built , delicateLarge built, sturdy

Difficulty in gaining weightVery easily put on weight & loose weightHard to loose weight

Fragile joints with soundModerately intact jointsSturdy & intact joints

Dry, dull, rough texturedOily, Warm, delicateGlossy, firm, cold, glowing skin

Dark complexionReddish complexionFair to pale complexion

Brittle , frizzy , dryOily, straight, fine hairThick, curly, strong hair

Dark , thin, dry, chapped lipsPink, medium , softPale, fuller lips

Brittle & breaks easilyPink, soft, flexibleWhite, angular, thick, hard

Hoarse , fast, unclearSharp & pleasantDeep, slow, monotones

Irregular to lessStrong hungerConstant & can tolerate hunger

Irregular bloatingLoose all timeThick & sluggish

Disturbed, needs short napsModerate sleepUndisturbed sound sleep

No to very less sweatingProfuse sweating with smellLess sweating

HyperactiveModerately activeSluggish, dull

Anxiety, worried, depressionSharp, aggressive, hot temperedCalm, cool, joyful, polite